The Display

The display sequence is new to 2011 and designed to be busier and more entertaining than previous routines.

The 9 Tigers take off in sequence, and turn immediately back down the display line in 3 Vics of 3. 

Turning away from the crowd, the 3 vics merge into a 9 ship ‘Box’ formation for a second fly-past. Nowhere else in the world will one see 9 Tiger Moths in close formation.

Depending on the take off direction there may be a further pass in ‘Arrow’ formation.

Having passed the crowd, two will separate from the back of the main group to run directly towards the crowd, breaking (watch for the unexpected) to position for a cross over before turning away from the crowd. 

Running in on top of the pair now is the main formation, approaching from high for a bomburst. No9 is lagging and flies a half Cuban 8 in the centre of the bomburst. 

All 9 Tiger Moths then position for a 4 v 5 cross over followed by a final low flypast in line astern down the display line waving at the crowd. Crowd are invited to wave back…..we are watching!